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Dejene Ethiopia Tour is set up to provide quality tours in Ethiopia for people from all over the world.

All tours have been carefully handpicked for their natural, cultural and historical importance.

Our priority is to create a comfortable traveling experience because life is about moments.


Let's create moments together.

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Quality is more expensive than money.
"Life is about moments"

Dejene Ethiopia Tour is committed to excellence in everything we do. Finding the best deals for our travelers and managing trip details are just some of the ways in which we make your vacation planning easier. Browse through our tour packages offerings and see if anything interests you. If you still haven’t found something you like, get in touch with us and we will customize a trip together.

Types of Services 


Whether you travel with a small group of like-minded adventurers, or an intimate personal & family adventure, we are here around the clock, ready at any time to provide you with everything you need for the journey of a lifetime.


The Best Packages To See Ethiopia's Touristic Attraction For A Great Price!

Dejene Ethiopia tours Journey, your small group of 20 like-minded guests travels on an exclusive itinerary packed with immersive insider-access opportunities to Ethiopia.


Join us to on a journey of a life time.

Group Tours 

We are here to make your dreams come true.

Do you have something in mind? let us make it come to life! 

Visit destinations with unique landscapes, interesting cultures, extraordinary activities, and experiences for a lifetime. All your way. 

Custom Tours


The town of Lalibela in northern Ethiopia is renowned for 12 Christian churches that were hewed out of solid stone some 800 years ago.

The most stunning is Bieta Giyorgis, shown here, a massive monolith 40 feet (12 meters) tall, intricately carved and shaped like a cross.


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